Jimir Reece Davis caught Oprah’s attention on Twitter. Picture: Instagram
Jimir Reece Davis caught Oprah’s attention on Twitter. Picture: Instagram

Oprah gifts viral mash-up star Jimir Reece Davis equipment for Christmas

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Dec 23, 2020

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Christmas is a time for giving and that’s exactly what Oprah Winfrey did for music mash-up genius, Jimir Reece Davis after he caught her attention.

Oprah sent a surprise gift to Davis, who has been making waves in the music and film industry for his viral mash-ups of popular songs recently.

Davis took to social media to rightfully brag about the Christmas gifts he received from the American media mogul and philanthropist.

In the video, Davis read the card before opening the gifts.

It read: “Dear Jimir. Thank you for bringing joy to the world your way. I hope this helps you continue. Holiday Blessings! Oprah”.

On Instagram a caption accompanied the video which read: “thank you so much @oprah. 💞 thank you from the bottom of my heart, @oprah. 🥺 and thank you all so much for the continuous amount of support, love, and for accompanying me on this journey. 💞”.

On December 8 Davis tweeted @Apple asking if he could get a new computer, since his MacBook is on its “last legs”.

To his surprise, Oprah responded saying “Consider it done. New @apple MacBook on the way. My pleasure to help you bring us into 2021 dancing”.

Davis’ fans were excited about his achievements and wished him a successful career.

Alibomaye86 said: “You deserve!!!! Can’t wait to hear the amazing mixes and watch the MISSY DOCUMENTARY you’ll produce with this tech. Claiming it.”

The1socialite said: “Baby it’s your time! All your hard work is paying off and the universe is conspiring on your behalf! continue to bless us with your energy, music and life!“.

Davis’ mixes frequently combine the sounds of artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, The Notorious B.I.G. and Aaliyah, but there's really no end to his repertoire.

Listen to some of his mash-ups here:

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