Morgana King. Picture: YouTube

The original "The Godfather" is one of the most seminal works of art. That opening scene where Vito eloquently sets the stage for what is most important to him while talking to a begging Bonasera is evergreen.

Yes, Marlon Brando deserved all the accolades for his portrayal. But there were other people who also made the family look and feel real - and we don’t just mean Pacino. Remember at Connie’s wedding, when her mother, Carmela, the matriarch of the Corleone family, was brought up on stage to sing? That was such a jovial mood.

What is not so joyous is the news that Morgana King, the accomplished jazz singer who played Carmela passed away on March 22. However, the news is only doing the global rounds now - five months later!

A coroner declared that her death was was caused by non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She was 87 years old. For someone who had dozens of albums under her belt, it seems rather strange that news of her death would be kept quiet for so long.