Fally Ipupa. Picture: Supplied

On April 4, TRACE launched TRACE Kitoko, the first TV channel exclusively devoted to Congolese music and culture.

An Incredible Musical Production

With more than 100 million residents, the Congolese population (Democratic Republic of Congo; Congo-Brazzaville and the diasporas) is the largest French-speaking population in the world.

It’s also an incredible musical strength.

The Congolese musical production is extremely rich, both in Africa and in the Congolese diasporas. In addition to an anthology of groups and singers such as Tabu Ley, Wenge Musica, Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomidé, Extra Musica, Zaiko Langa Langa or else Mbilia Bel, new talent has emerged with names like Maître Gims, Passi, Fally Ipupa, Singuila Dadju, Niska, Youssoupha, Damso, Lino et Calbo d’Arsenik and Ben J et Héritier Watanabe. The gold or platinum records can’t be counted.

To fill the gap 

However, to this day, there is no TV media dedicated to this Congolese musical wealth, in Africa or anywhere else in the world. By launching Trace Kitoko, TRACE, the leading media of Afro-urban music, has responded to this demand.

TRACE Kitoko, a tool for spreading Congolese music in all its diversity (rumba, Ndombolo, Skuba or Congolese hip hop), provides premium editorial content available in three languages (French, Lingala and Swahili) and the best video clips, lives, hits, news, exclusives and documentaries about Congolese culture.

Olivier Laouchez, Group Trace chief executive officer, says: “In a few days, Papa Wemba will be gone for two years. 

We are proud to pay our tribute to this Congolese and African music legend with the launch of TRACE Kitoko and with the production of an exclusive documentary about Papa Wemba’s life. With TRACE Kitoko, all Congolese stars have now the home they deserve.

“It’s a very important new step in the strategy of localisation of TRACE channels in Africa, and in the world. It’s also further proof of the proximity of TRACE with its audiences and with African artists and with Canal + International which has always accompanied us in our international development.”


TRACE Kitoko is available from now in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Congo-Brazzaville and in all French-speaking sub-Saharan African countries in CANAL + BOUQUETS from the EVASION formula on channel 131.

Before the end of April, TRACE Kitoko will also be available worldwide on the TRACE Play streaming service ( www.traceplay.tv).