Secrets. Picture: Supplied

If the music of US based post-hardcore rock band Secrets is your cup of tea, then you are in for a treat, as the band embarks on the South African leg of their international tour, with only three dates, with the first on April 13 in Johannesburg and afterwards in Pretoria and Cape Town.

The band, which formed in 2010 and gained recognition with their 2012 release, The Ascent, will be bringing music from their new self-titled album Secrets.

The band’s members are Richard Rogers (guitar/vocals), Wade Walters (vocalist) and Connor Brannigan (bassist and guitarist). Speaking to IOL, Rogers said they planned to give their fans in the country some good ol’ rock-’* ’-roll.

“We’re gonna play some rock and roll! We always go all-out in our live show and we plan to get extra wild for South Africa. We have a large setlist planned out, featuring a mix of new and old songs,” he said. Rogers added that besides the excitement of performing for their local fan base, a part of their appearances and performances would be in aid of the Rocking for Rhinos initiative, which aims to raise awareness over the plight of rhino in the country.

Due to poaching, rhinos run the very real risk of extinction, and Rogers said that this was a cause the band felt quite passionate about: “It just made sense. We’re already going to be there doing our job, so we might as well join a good cause to help out such amazing animals. Rhinos are beautiful and it would be absolutely devastating for such an amazing creature to not be around anymore and we’ll do anything in our power to help preserve their lives.”

2017 has seen significant growth for the band, which also resulted in band member Michael Sherman parting ways with the group late last year.

Rogers said that while this would be noticeable, the show would figuratively go on with the band’s remaining faces.

“The band will still operate the same way. Connor, Wade and I wrote the record. Michael will always be our brother and we’ll miss having him around, but his departure will not alter our music. We plan to continue growing and writing music just as we always have and nothing can stop that,” he added.

Rogers said the music on the album was an exploration of the intimate life journey that the band’s individual members had been through.

“This album explores a large assortment of life experiences, ranging from Wade’s parents’ divorce, our relationships we’ve been in and the loved ones we’ve lost. We opened up chapters of our lives that have been the most uncomfortable to talk about and we just hope that people can relate to these songs and maybe get clarity with their own situations through this album.

“It’s different from, say, The Ascent, Fragile Figures and the Renditions EP stylistically because we figured out how to write better and put more real emotion into our songs. But I believe this record has aspects of all of those records,” he said.

With regards to their upcoming performances, Rogers said the band was mostly looking forward to: “The shows. We love playing shows and we are so stoked to see what it’s like to play to the people of South Africa, but we also enjoy travelling and exploring and there’s a lot to see, so we plan on experiencing as much of your beautiful country as we can,” said.

* Tickets for the Secrets SA tour are on sale from Webtickets. Prices are from R170-R190 and are R250 at the door.