Nicki Minaj. Picture: Youtube

Nicki Minaj finally resurfaced after several months of silence by not only dropping two fire singles, but also addressing why she wasn't feeling Cardi B. 

Appearing on Beats 1 radio in an interview with Zane Louw, Nicki Minaj addressed and cleared the air on how the 'Motorsport' collab with Cardi B and the Migos came about — and the subsequent backlash. 

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After the release of the song and video, rumours started going around that Nicki came for Cardi in the song and that there was a back and forth between the female rappers with regards to verse content. 

In the interview, Nicki made it clear what actually went down and said she was very disappointed in both Quavo and Cardi by the way they handled the hate that came her way afterwards. 

Nicki broke down in the interview and appeared to be truly hurt with how the public made her out to be the bad guy. 

She also explained why she wasn't feeling Cardi after the 'Motorsport' experience but she had a change of heart after watching Cardi's interview on Beats 1 seemingly putting to rest the animosity between them.

Watch the full interview below: