Nicole Arbour. Picture: Youtube.

YouTube comedienne Nicole Arbour released a women's edit of 'This is America' and Twitter gave a collective groan as the video basically gentrifies Childish Gambino's masterpiece. 

Childish Gambino set the internet on fire when he dropped 'This is America' last week with its powerful imagery and lyrics

WATCH: The 'This is America' video everyone is talking about

While the video by the rapper/singer/actor has been analysed for all its underlining message both in imagery and lyrics on the state of America, Arbour thought it would be a good idea doing a parody of it called the women's edit. 

Here she basically gentrifies black art to fit a white feminist angle and Twitter had some words for her. 

Tweeples were left very unimpressed by the video with Arbour having a history of making controversial videos. 

In 2015, Arbour was in hot water for her 'Dear Fat People' video in what came down to her fat-shaming people in the 6-minute video. She deleted the video after the backlash but still has a slew of cringe-worthy videos such as 'Dear Trans People' and 'Dear Black People'. 

Many Twitter users of all races called out the problematic nature of the video with one user commenting that "this is literally an actual representation of what the video (This is America - Childish Gambino) was talking about". 

The official Twitter account for the roundtable YouTube show 'The Grapevine TV' said what most people were feeling: "Stop aligning Black plight with white feminism. Stop cheapening black art and creativity".'

Here are some of the other comments from the Twitterverse.