MAN ABOUT TOWN: Tbo Touch hosts the entertainment show Flash.
MAN ABOUT TOWN: Tbo Touch hosts the entertainment show Flash.

Keeping viewers in Touch with celebville

By Munyaradzi Vomo Time of article published Oct 13, 2011

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Of course Akon is going to be on Flash, the nasal-voiced singer is Tbo Touch’s buddy and Touch is the show’s new host.

The shocker is that Flash, the SABC3 magazine show, is back on our screens. Given how pointless it was the first time, it is simply mind-boggling how it made it to a second season.

“They were looking for an energetic person for the show. They needed someone who spoke on authority so they gave me a call,” said radio and TV personality Tbo Touch.

Granted, Tbo Touch has the experience to host a TV show, but do we need yet another entertainment magazine show? Especially from the SABC?

“Flash will go wider than other shows as it will cover other things apart from music, fashion and sport,” Touch said, defending the show.

But that sounds like all the other homogenous shows we have from SABC that claim to uniquely cover the entertainment news. Seriously, there is no difference in the content between Mzansi Insider, Real Goboza, Live, Selimathunzi and Flash.

“Well, the Flash team have an edge over the other shows because they have personal relationships with some of the celebrities whose stories we cover, so we get the stories first,” he said.

But Bonang, Phila, Minnie, Sizwe and all other TV presenters have personal relationships with the celebrities they bring on their shows. No, wait, even I have a few A-listers who I am on a first-name basis with. It’s just the nature of the business, especially with the small entertainment industry we have. So, Mr Touch sir, what are you talking about? Unless, of course, if you mention Akon, then everybody backs off because we know you guys are tight.

“We have access to big stars, like, for example, when David Guetta and Akon come down to South Africa, I will be at the airport to meet them,” he said.

“Essentially we are taking you to the best events that took place in South Africa recently that you need to know about,” he added.

Still, we ask, how is what Bonang or Minnie say about the same events different from what Tbo Touch says, because they will definitely be there?

The truth is, entertainment magazine shows are flooding the local TV scene and for Flash to be added to that list is plain redundant. If you think I’m wrong, watch all the shows mentioned in this article in the same week and see if it doesn’t feel like déjà vu.

l Flash airs on SABC3 at 9pm on Fridays.

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