Music video director Brandon Oelofse surveys his set - all white with a large baby pink square in the middle.

"We're just going to add some naked girls and then it's exactly like heaven," he announces to the four pretty band members of The Cavalier.

It's Saturday night somewhere in the hideous industrial area of Kyalami. Punk rockers The Cavalier are shooting a video for their latest track, Kiss and Tell, off their soon-to-be-released album, XOXO.

They are one of 10 bands that were selected by MK to produce a music video. Called the MK Music Video Project (MVP), the channel's aim is to invest in and uplift the South African music industry. MK commissioned 10 local music videos by putting out a tender to pitch and 196 were submitted in the space of a month.

The winners included Jack Parow, Foto Na Dans, 4am and CrashCarBurn.

Tough Sunday Productions's Oelofse conceptualised a sexy video with semi-naked babes for this very rock 'n' roll band.

The catchy Kiss and Tell's lyrics revolve around the fact that if you're a skank; never kiss and tell. "Everyone's got their little secrets," explains guitarist Chris Behrens. "So if you're gonna be bad and kiss all the girls, you don't kiss and tell."

The story board for the video is hilariously sexy. Basically, this nerd buys these XXX-ray sunglasses on the net and when he walks through school wearing them, he sees the bad side of the girls. There is a sexy librarian scene involving pole dancing, a cheer-leading scene which turns into an even sexier underwear scene and, of course, there is a rad pillow-fight scene.

Explains Oelefse: "I chose this because they are so rock 'n' roll visually."

That they are! For the studio shoot bassist Pete Elements has promoted his emo fringe into a mohawk and is wearing a T-Shirt that says "Unf**k the Gulf". He is full of chirps. Drummer Pat has his hair slicked back and his silent persona underscores a magnetic sexuality. Lead guitarist Chris Behrens is very proud of the fact that he did his own heavy black eyeliner. And lead singer Jay, in his glitter pants and winkle pickers, has his bleach-blond dreads up in a crazy mohican. Together they just ooze sex appeal and bad-boy rock.

As they prepare for the shoot two dancers arrive with tight bodies and faces which say they've seen too much.

Elements has put on his bass with a leopard print strap. The bass is sitting around his waist and he is not impressed. "This is cool, but it's not punk rock low," he complains to Oelofse.

"Well, change it," Oelofse calmly replies and then mutters to himself: "punk rock low?"

The Cavalier are instructed to take their positions. Jay holds up his mic, which is covered in a glitter design. "Hey, look at what my ex- girlfriend did to my mic!"

"Dude," says Chris with much earnestness. "You should have seen the chicks at the video shoot today. They were so hot."

"If she's a South African chick, I'm not interested," retorts Jay. "She's gotta be Puerto Rican."

The Cavalier are sponsored by Jägermeister and the bottles are flowing freely between the band members, resulting in some funny banter.

"Steve Vai needs 100 pedals to make him sound good," argues Chris with Pete. "And as for Joe Satriani, he's so good no one wants him in their band."

The dancers are finally ready and the blonde girl is instructed by Oelofse to climb on top of the guitar amp.

"Oi!" says Jay. "That girl can't be taller than us!"

Everyone ignores him and he giggles to himself.

He refuses a mic stand and it's easy to see why. He is of the punk/ glam rock school of vocalists. If it's a mic you swing it in the air.

"Everybody hates me," he announces to no one in particular.

"Scene kids, art kids, my parents, everybody."

He reaches for a Jägermeister bottle, only to discover that it's empty. "Chris! Why is the Jägey finished?"

"Don't blame the Jew!" responds Chris. He looks at Pat.

"F***! It's so easy to blame the Jews or the blacks!"

The dancer rubs her hands over her torso. "Hmmm, maybe that's too extreme?" she muses.

Finally, everyone is ready and Oelofse says: "Action!" It all comes together with a rock 'n' roll bang.

The song is a catchy punk song, which silly radio stations like 5Fm might construe as "not radio friendly". But it is. And it rocks!

Pete and Chris do the synchronised jumping thang with their low-slung axes. Guns of Brixton, guns of music. Jay is screaming animatedly into the camera and Pat is keeping a steady beat.

The dancers come alive too, giving it their all and smiling sexily at each other. This is what they were born to do.

At the end of the take, Jay drops his mic and kicks it.

It's nearing the end of the night and they have just begun.

I leave them deep in their music, knowing the video will be one of the sexiest to be aired in South Africa.

Can't wait for the album.