Yvonne Chaka Chaka. Picture: supplied

You may be exhausted by all the events that are lined up in honour of women’s month but there are some that are worth taking note of. 

Like many other radio stations have chosen to do this August, 5FM has also decided to create content that is geared towards promoting and praising women in various sectors.

On August 14, your favourite uncle, Roger Goode and his motley crew of breakfast show co-hosts will have a roster of funny women in studio. You can expect to hear the likes of Nina Hastie, Gilli Apter and Claudine Ullman on the show.

On August 29, The Thabooty Drive will be joined by Lalla Hirayama, who has managed to create an impressive career in the limelight. What’s most interesting though, is 5Talks, the talk series that is hosted by 5FM DJ, Nick Hamman.

This month, there will not be just one cool 5Talks show. There will be two. He’ll interview author, Christy Chilimigras, on August 28. 

Then on August 14, the Princess of Africa will be in the host seat. Yvonne Chaka Chaka joins Nick to take him through her illustrious multi-decade career.