AKA. Picture: Instagram

While local rapper AKA appreciates his fans listening to his music, he doesn't appreciate illegal downloads of his music. 

One eager fan was raving over AKA's song "Daddy Issues II tweeting: "@akaworldwide it sinks into the heart. Beautiful melody, arrangement and lyrics Mr Forbes," with a screenshot of the song that was clearly downloaded from an illegal file-sharing website. 

And while the "Star Signs" rapper appreciated the compliment he wasn't feeling that fact that the user illegally downloaded it. 

AKA politely quote tweeted the fan and very calmly responded, which is something uncharacteristic of him, saying: "Thank You for that gracious and awesome compliment. I’m glad you think it’s beautiful .... but since it says http://Flexijam.com  ... I guess it’s not good enough to buy. So thank you for stealing from me 🙏🏼 Enjoy."

Tweeps were also shook by Supa Mega's response and found the incident amusing.