AKA. Picture: Instagram

Supa Mega is known for making flashy videos and while his videos are usually the centre of conversation for South African pop culture, this time around it seems that the rapper didn't hit the mark. 

AKA debuted the video on Thursday with the general consensus being that 'Fela in Versace' is not that great. 

Some of the comments included: "Fela in Versace video is weak as the song", "Fela in Versace video is so bad", "Fela in Versace video is such an anticlimax" and "Fela In Versace Video is yet another reminder that our local faves don’t have budgets to take music videos for hit songs seriously because this “industry” is all kinds of a mess".

Reviews for the 'Fela In Versace' video is in stark contrast to his 'Star Signs' music video which was generally well received by hip-hop fans.

AKA has not responded to the negative responses yet at the time of writing this article.