ALT EGO members Callen Petersen, Jody Abel and DJ Cosher. Picture: Instagram
ALT EGO members Callen Petersen, Jody Abel and DJ Cosher. Picture: Instagram

Alt Ego: Our Ultimate SA Music Playlists

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Sep 16, 2020

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This Heritage Month, we are looking to celebrate the best of South Africa and this, of course, includes our local music.

So we are asking SA artists, celebrities and music industry experts to pick their ultimate SA Music Top 10 playlist.

Alt Ego is made up of Jody Abel (guitar, beatbox), Callen Petersen (violin), and DJ Cosher (Colin Sher, tech, keyboard and producer).

The Cape Town-born trio have been featured on local and international music charts since their debut album in 2017 and are one of the country’s most sought-after acts. Their unique sound comes from the fusion of classical violin, acoustic guitar, beat box and techy house music.

Here are their playlists:

Colin Sher says: “These might not be everyone's top 10 songs but they are mine. These songs have either greatly influenced me or have stuck with me over the years. Several of these songs I didn't even know that they were South African songs until much later. I have chosen some of these based on their quality as actual songs, and some also for the way they crossed over genres and the constructive roles they played in the South African industry as a whole.”

Monark - Show me the love

Jimmy Nevis - Elephant shoes

Joy - Paradise Road

Mango Groove special star

Roan Ash - Heaven

Goldfish - Hold Tight

Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Great Heart

Crazy White Boy - Love you better

Watershed - Indigo Girl

Craig Lucas - Smother

Jody Abel says: I grew up, as most people did, not knowing what the future awaited me. I had no idea I was going to be a musician and are going to one day be proudly South African & proudly local talent. Today I have the privilege of saying I've met, worked with and interacted with some of the people on my list. Also, 10 songs are too few to name, as there are a few that didn't make my list just on the basis of these 10 being significant to me as they reflect certain moments in my life which I will never forget. That's the thing with music - it's personal & it's everlasting!

1. Black Coffee - Drive

2. Abdullah Ibrahim - Mannenberg

3. Jack Parow - Cooler As Ekke

4. Mango Groove - Special Star

5. Locnville - Sun In My Pocket

6. Liquid Deep - Still

7. Lira - Feel good

8. J’adore - Four 7

9. DJ Clock Ft Beatenberg - Pluto (Remember You)

10. Jimmy Nevis - Heartboxing

Callen Petersen says: “My list is a mixed pot of techno, dance, house and pop ballads that have all, at some point in my life, featured on my Playlist - some current and some throwbacks.

Whether it was dancing with mates at festivals, singing like no one was listening in the car, or having predrinks before heading out, these songs all hold special memories for me.

One proudly South African memory that I'd like to share: I remember distinctly hearing "Walking Away" on the radio years ago and loving it it so much that I tried to search for the sheet music on the net to play on violin, only to discover that it was a South African song - which made me love the track even more.“

1. Timo ODV - Dancing again

2. Jethro Tait - Sad

3. Chiano Skye - Walking Away

4. DJ Kent - Don't Let Go

5. Lady Zamar - Collide

6. Jimmy Nevis - Hey Jimmy

7. Pascal and Pearce - Running Wild

8. Black Coffee - Drive

9. Goldfish - No one has to know

10. Kyle Watson - You Boy


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