Ami Faku started making a name for herself when she auditioned for The Voice South Africa and was picked by Lira in 2017. Picture: Stevel Marc

Singer and songwriter Ami Faku might be a new kid on the block but with every single she releases, she is cementing herself in the industry. Faku features on a hit single alongside Sun El Musician, on, Into Ingawe and she just released her latest single, Love Drunk.

Born and raised in the Eastern Cape, Faku started making a name for herself when she auditioned for "The Voice South Africa" and was picked by Lira in 2017.

Although her time on the show was short-lived, she caught the attention of the show’s music director, who later connected her to record label boss, Raphael Benza.

Speaking about "Love Drunk", Faku said she was inspired by her own experiences.

“I was dating someone, and I just was not getting what I wanted from that person. When I complained, they always said I was trying to change them, which was not the case. I just realised that he was not drunk on love as much as I was and I needed to walk away, so I did.”

She said that although writing songs from her own experiences were easy, it was that way only because she was willing to let people know more about her and her life.

“As musicians, we can write and sing songs about absolutely anything, but writing about our own experiences is only easy when you want to share those with the world and I have no walls up. I want to share my experiences and I want people to relate to me while I deliver quality music.”

The rising star said she hoped to one day collaborate with an international star and sing in Xhosa.

“When collaborations happen with international stars you find that it is always in English. I want to sing in Xhosa on an international collaboration because I love my language and I am very proud of it, and I think as Africans we must be proud of our languages.”

Faku also plans on releasing a full body of work later this year but is not sure if it will be an EP or full album.

“The songs are all done. Now it is all about deciding if it will be an EP or an album. Right now it is neither, so I just need to figure that out but I won’t speak too much on it because I like the element of surprise.”

Love Drunk is available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.