Babes Wodumo. Picture: Mlando Nzama

Gqom queen Babes Wodumo is known for talk-singing in her songs, but she left tweeples confused after she shared a video of her singing. 

Taking to her social media platforms Wodumo shared a video of her singing a gospel song. 

Tweeples were left very confused because Wodumo can actually sing and then wondered why she has not done it in any of her songs. 

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One Twitter user asked, "So you can sing but you talk on your music?"

Twiiter being a place that people consistently get dragged for the smallest thing had too had tweeples commenting on a grammatical error Wodumo makes. In the video, she sings "He keeps on bless me" instead of "He keeps on blessing me". 

Hopefully, Wodumo will consider singing more in her upcoming tracks.