Caroline Leisegang. Picture: Supplied
Caroline Leisegang. Picture: Supplied

Caroline Leisegang on her fourth album 'A Series of Moments'

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published Sep 20, 2020

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Classical music sensation Caroline Leisegang drops fourth album, “A Series of Moments,” a re-release of her 2015 critically acclaimed debut “Øyeblikk”.

The world class album "Øyeblikk", which in Norwegian means ‘A moment’ won the South African iTunes Award for Best Classical Album in 2015. It also debuted at number one spot on the iTunes chart.

In a chat with Leisegang, who is part of a dynamic duo along with pianist William Earl, they reflected on the journey of bringing “A Series of Moments” to fruition.

Commenting on the album, the muso said: “The inspiration for the title is really the idea of capturing specific moments. Each piece represents a moment in time, each one at a different time in life, but also to create moments for listeners too.

“I’ve always believed that when we listen to an artist’s music, we almost make it our own and apply it to our lives - almost like a personalised musical narrative.”

Caroline Leisegang and William Earl. Picture: Supplied

When asked about the inspiration behind his sound, Earl explained:” As a pianist, I am a communicator who is tasked with interpreting and analysing the composer’s notated message and representing it in the form of sound.

“I become inspired when I am able to find deeper meaning, colours and ideas hidden within the score which I am studying and practising.”

On how this album differs from the previous ones, Leisegang offered: “This is my first collaboration with a performer and the result has been something truly special.

“My music is generally quite complex, busy and at times chaotic. In the scores, William found space, clarity and a subtle magic that I didn’t know was there. He is a true performing artist.”

She added: “As for my albums that have followed 'Øyeblikk', they were an exploration of something more simple yet powerful. They weren’t about notation or compositional technique, the way that 'A Series of Moments' is."

When asked about their favourite track on the album, she said: “'Karusell II'. I wrote it the morning before I met with Will to start discussing this album and it was such a haphazard composition that I wasn’t completely sure how I felt about it but I was adamant about my idea.

“When I heard what Will had turned it into - I was struck. It was everything I could have dreamed of in a composition like that - it was almost a dream and it captured the moment of a Carousel.”

William Earl. Picture: Supplied

Earl added: “All twelve movements or tracks found within 'A Series of Moments' have become very special to me in their own way. If I had to choose favourites, I’d narrow the list down to 'Dromme II' and 'Midnat II'.

Since the album is releasing in Heritage Month, Leisegang said: “Heritage is a funny thing for me, especially with this album being drawn from my Norwegian heritage, being a South African and an Irish citizen.

“I think heritage isn’t about a country but rather the way you have been brought up and the values that have been instilled in you."

She continued: “Heritage is a choice of bloodline, and I have many, but I’ve been brought up proudly - and at times not so proudly - South African. I think it’s important to know where you’ve come from and what you can do with that and where you can take your life as you grow older.”

Earl added: “Like Caroline, my heritage is quite mixed, having a maternal heritage from South Africa and a father who was born and raised in Scotland.

“I like to think that my focus has been directed from the culture I came from to the culture I now find myself to be a part of.

“Growth and expansion of cultural insight, knowledge and practise are essential in the world and time we now find ourselves in.”

Click here to listen in to the master piece that is “A Series of Moments.”

The album is currently available on all digital music platforms.

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