DJ Doowap. Picture: supplied

Concerts SA prides itself on helping musicians make their music travel. Through their Music Mobility Fund, the entity finances tours and concerts led by South African artists.

Individual artists and bands can now send proposals that are tailormade for their respective performances and apply for funds.T he idea is that the artists have a plan of taking their music out of their province and beyond.

So artists can request up to R30 000 for national projects and up to R45 000 for regional projects that take place in one or more of the SADC countries. The duration of each project must be between four days and three months.

DJs Doowap and K-$ are just a pair of artists who previously sent their proposal to the Fund. They went on a regional tour and Doowap commented: “Music is pure love filled magic; that allows individuals to dream, feel joy, co-exist and be united in a safe space. Thanks to Concerts SA we were able to share this magic across borders.”

It’s up to the artists to thoroughly do their own research and explain how they will allocate the money that they are requesting from the fund. Visit for more details on how to apply.