Kwesta. Picture: supplied.

Over the weekend, it was announced that various stakeholders of the British music industry were joining forces behind National Album Day. 

Set to take place on October 13, that specific day will be all about honouring the album as an art in creation and the ability to shift culture.

The artists, retailers, record labels and more have decided that this will be the day that you get to play your favourite album of all time in its entirety. This will be happening in cafes, on various media platforms and of course in homes.

It’s meant to be an entire celebration that has events throughout the preceding week that lead up to the day. The likes of Paloma Faith and Alexis Ffrench are ambassadors for National Album Day. 

What would a South African Album Day look like? Would we only care about the popular albums that already get mainstream attention or would we use it as an opportunity to put others onto albums they may have never even heard about?  

Imagine if Mam’ Letta Mbulu and Brad Klynsmith were some of the ambassadors? Or if there were special events that see the likes of Kwesta and Spikiri and Gloria Bosman perform their albums in full? 

And if you were walking through streets in Durban or Knysna and only heard South African music wafting out of restaurants and houses? Maybe we should see if we can follow the UK’s example...