Criselda Dudumashe. Picture: Instagram
Criselda Dudumashe. Picture: Instagram

Criselda Dudumashe reveals details of abuse at the hands of her 'prince charming'

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jan 22, 2019

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Radio host and social activist Criselda Dudumashe revealed she has suffered physical abuse at the hands of her new husband, Prince Siyolo Dudumashe.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Dudumashe details events leading to her “prince charming” beating her up.

“I have been battered and beaten. I thought I have an understanding, a knowing of fearing the one you love. For a good 19 years, it seemed like I had overcome the abuse. I made my 3 beautiful daughters the centre of my world and promised them to NEVER again expose them to a violent and abusive home. When what appeared to be a soft-spoken and gentleman swept me off my feet in 2014, with a love language so different to my previous relationship, I was taken. 

He was attentive, loving, available and so warm-hearted... someone who seemed not intimidated by my light, always allowing me to pursue my dreams. Signs were there but I chose to ignore them," she wrote. 

She continued to describe how supportive her husband was when she was laid off work in 2017 and the red flags he started showing when she was reinstated a few months later.

“Yesterday... Revealed a different side to my Prince Charming. We woke up, exchanged unpleasant words, but I just pressed on to get to work by 12noon, not knowing that I was to walk right back home just after 4pm to a raging monster out for blood. Yes, yesterday on 21 January 2019, my husband raised his hand on me and beat me..." she continued.

Dudumashe said she has since laid domestic violence charges against her husband.

“I have laid a charge of domestic violence against him with SAPS. As a councillor and motivator, even with him, I will still advocate for rehabilitation & corrective counselling, as I have said before, not to excuse, but in hopes of tooling him with a lasting solution as to what triggers that rage. 

"That rage might have been my first experience with him, but I know from my work that if I stay it won’t be the last... Sadly, within hours of laying the charge, media queries came, as even our protection services violate our privacy as public figures. I choose to own my narrative, thus I wrote this note to my friends & supporters. 

Meanwhile, Dudumashe has requested privacy to deal with the “tragedy”.

"My family and I humbly request the privacy and space to deal with this tragedy. Keep us in your prayers.

The couple have been married for just over three years. In her In her memoir ‘You Are Never Alone’ Dudumashe encourage women to speak out against abuse. 

“This book is the story of every woman who has been through so much but turned out to be a beautiful woman, like I am today. On this hurtful journey I was never alone”

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