Denise Zimba. Picture: Supplied
Denise Zimba. Picture: Supplied

Denise Zimba returns to the limelight with new music

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Mar 6, 2021

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She has spent the last two years entirely out of the limelight and in the entertainment industry.

That’s a very long time. That’s enough time to forget a celebrity existed.

However, say her name to people and their faces light up. In fact, a quick search on social media will reveal that South Africans miss seeing her on their television screens and want her back.

That has been the influence of Denise Zimba since she burst onto our screens back in 2013 when she starred in “Fly Chix”, a reality show on Vuzu which chronicled a girl group trying to make it in the music industry.

Fast forward to today and Zimba’s CV comprises gigs many can only dream of bagging. Zimba became a household name as a presenter on Vuzu’s “V Entertainment”.

While on the lifestyle show she gave viewers some of Mzansi’s most iconic television moments.

One of those being when she took her wig off on national television. She then joined “Generations: The Legacy” as Mary and in 2016 decided to take a break from the industry to focus on her family and live the good life in Europe.

She returned to South Africa in 2017 with four new shows, a judge on M-Net’s “The Wedding Bashers”, and host of Channel O’s “Top 5 Drive” music show, MTV Base’s “Ridiculousness Africa” and Mzansi Magic’s “Vodacom Nxt Lvl” music reality show.

In 2018 she released her debut EP titled “Rude” and in 2019 she fell pregnant.

Now back with a new single titled “OK”, the star is all set to remind people of who she is now.

“I have been so good, any first-time mother will tell you about the whirlwind of emotions you experience. It’s all very enlightening but also challenging and I have found that since becoming a mother I have shed old skin and got new skin,” she said.

While focusing on her daughter, Zimba used the time to reflect on her career and where she’d ultimately like to see herself in the future.

“Having a child really does change the way you think and I did a lot of reflection on my life and career.

“I realised that I was projecting a very aggressive version of myself and things like not getting paid enough contributed to that and taking a break at the hight of my career did not make sense to many people but it was the right thing to do for my spirit,” said Zimba.

She is still the fun-loving personality everyone knows but the star said that now she was a lot more patient, softer and wanted to be a role model for her daughter and no one else.

Her return to the industry with new music was a conscious decision as she could control the narrative.

“I told myself that I was going to return with something that I love and that’s music.

“Acting is second on the list, but music, because it’s the perfect way to reintroduce myself and let people know who I am now,” she said.

Her new single is about telling her side of the story. “I am a straight talker. When I took a break people said I was fired which was not true at all. I was not blackballed.

“In fact, offers continued to come in. I just wanted to travel.

“This song is about how I don’t care what is said about me but I will set the record straight,” she said.

While the star said her new single might not be a smash hit off the bat, it’s the perfect way for her to transition into music. “I am working with a great producer, Marco Maghoma, and we are experimenting with different sounds.

“But I would say that my music is a mix of hip hop and R&B. It’s very Rihanna and Dua Lipa.”

Zimba said that she hoped her music created a space where people realised they could be themselves.

“I want people to have a good time, have a good dance but also to be okay with who they are and live authentic lives.”

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