Dirty Poet. Photo: Supplied.

Usually, South African artists have one career trajectory in mind. It starts with becoming well-known in one’s hometown, then becoming a national household name and then attempting to “go international.”

For most people, that just means dipping their feet in American water or in the UK if they are convinced they are different. Dirty Poet rejects that trajectory. The singer is intent on heading to Nigeria to market his music even when the rest of South Africa doesn’t know him that well.

Being linked to Ice Prince’s Super Cool Cats imprint may help him with that. Dirty Poet says: “I feel my sound would be more accepted in Nigeria because its similar to their current sound, which is afropop and it's also the right place for me to make international collaboration”

For now, you can listen to his single, Questions, and make up your own mind about whether this is the right move for him or not.