Distruction Boyz. Picture: Supplied

Local gqom producers Distruction Boyz have been called out for apparently stealing the 2017 Dezemba hit song song, 'Omunye', from DJ LAG.

After much speculation, a forensic copyright investigation confirmed that  'Omunye' is based on 'Trip to New York' by DJ LAG. 

While the lyrics of the two songs differ, the overall structure of the songs were found to be identical. 

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According to City Press, DJ LAG's management commissioned a music comparative analysis report from song analysis expert, Sakhile Moleshe of Imilozi Music.

In the 31-page report Moleshe states that "as a result of the tempo, key signature, instrumentation and lead melodies being identical in both musical works, Omunye was indeed copied from Trip to New York”.

The gqom duo has denied stealing the beat stating that they bought the track from DJ Mphyd who has also denied that he stole the track from DJ LAG. 

While DJ LAG did not give a comment, his manager Sevi Spanoudi spoke to City Press and confirmed that 'Trip to New York' was released in April 2017, 3 months before 'Omunye' and that the "truth always prevails".

One half of the duo, Que, did give comment to the questions to try and clarify where they received the beat from: 

"We were listening to music online and heard this track by DJ Mphyd and contacted him. We were very shocked when we heard there was this problem. We’re friends with DJ LAG, we grew up with him. We’re creators. We never steal. Everything was done right. The only person who can tell you is [DJ Mphyd]."