DJ Zinhle has new music out. Picture: Kandee Photography

Friday was a big day in the South African music calendar. Particularly for hip hop. YoungstCPT dropped his highly anticipated debut album, "3T:. ByLwansta put out the first of three parts that will make up his album, SPIJØNGET. The Big Hash released his mixtape, Young.

All of those boys deserve your attention. But there are three women who do too. Two of them are DJs. On the same good Friday that was pretty much like Easter for rap, DJ Zinhle as well as DBN Gogo put out some incredible singles.

For DBN Gogo, the sought-after DJ has been toying with finally giving into people’s demands and releasing music. The result is a collab with Tumza D’Kota featuring Tshiamo. The song is called La and is a timely fit with the current amapiano sound.

DJ Zinhle linked up with vocal powerhouse, Bonj, for a single called "Against the Grain". The soulful vocal house song is a great follow-up to Zinhle's "Uzobuya". 

"I can be your blue sky on a foggy day/Anything to put a smile on your face," sings Bonj. We don’t doubt that this song will leave many people on the dancefloor all smiles.