Donald. Picture: Instagram
Donald. Picture: Instagram

Donald sends a friendly warning to young artists in the industry

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Oct 8, 2021

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Award-winning musician Donald has issued a warning to young up-and-coming artists.

Donald told budding artists to remember they won't be at the top alone, pleading with them to watch how they act.

Taking to Instagram this week, the singer shared a word of advice to upcoming artists.

“Dear young artist, you're not going to be referred to as the kids/youth forever, you will get older one day too. Stop disrespecting the ones who came before you. Honour them, you have no idea how important that is for your own career and future. Trust me,” he wrote.

This is not the first time the “Raindrops” hitmaker has addressed the issue of the behaviour of young artists in the music industry.

Last week he said, “Small advice to upcoming artists, actors, TV personalties etc.

“Please don't let the fame define you because one day it will be gone and you won't know who you really are as a human. Be human first.”

Donald, Mashabela, Mpumi and Schalk Bezuidenhout plan on making life sunnier and funnier this summer with a one-of-a-kind hilarious EP.

The Comedy Central Africa EP will feature unlikely collaborations between some of Africa’s most well-known musicians and comedians.

The EP’s first release “Let me fill Your Holes” is a collaboration between Donald and comedians Schalk Bezuidenhout and Peach van Pletzen.

The single is about those all too familiar potholes you wish the government had filled up by now and includes a cameo from Kurt Darren doing something you’ve never seen him do musically before.

“I may be known for my music, but I do have a funny bone. I am honoured to be on a project that will allow me to merge my love for music with a touch of funny,” said Donald.

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