Afropop muso Donald. Photo: Supplied
You'd be forgiven if like like us you'd started forgetting that muso Donald has a knack for writing beautiful love songs. 

To rectify this, the muso who became instantly recognisable after his smash hit "Denial" ruled the airwaves has released a new song titled "Ngiyazifela" featuring Mlindo the Vocalist, and its about to bring all the lovers-and those suffering in silence in the friendzone- together. 

Chatting to IOL about his new single, Donald said when it comes to matters of the heart, the emotions of men are never quite in the spotlight. This is in part what inspired the song. 

"We seldom talk about the heartache that the man goes through in the relationship. So we decided that we want to talk about that, where a man kind of feels like a woman is making him wait, she promises that there's hope of a future between the two of them but she just never commits to it. So this is a man that's crying out saying I have been waiting, you said to me you'd be back, that we'll do this because you know that ngiyazifela ngawe, ngiyazithandela. So that's basically what the song is about," he said. 

On how the collaboration with Mlindo the Vocalist came about, Donald said when he works on a song, it will often happen almost automatically for him to know which artist he should feature on the song. 

"All the collaborations that I have done, I don't plan. As soon as I start working on a song, the song calls for that artist. Also Mlindo is at the top of his game right now, people love his message and I really felt like the song calls for his voice, that's why I believe he sounds perfect on the song and he fit like a glove," Donald added. 

While he is unsure on when exactly his latest album will be out he said he's hard at work getting the music perfect: "I'm not sure but it's going to be very soon as I am almost done with the recordings of the album and we're just doing some finishing touches. So very soon, we'll be making announcements so people must look out for that. This I believe will be one of the biggest albums, if not thee biggest album of 2019," the Landela singer said. 

* Ngiyazfela is available for download on streaming platforms