Emtee. Picture: Supplied

Emtee has clapped back at his 'manhood haters' in a new single called 'My Enemies'.

The 25-year-old rapper received a host of below the belt jabs on social media after he accidentally live broadcast his penis while multi-tasking — urinating during an Instagram live stream.

At the time, Emtee told TshisaLive that he was aware of the things people were saying about him after the pictures of his penis went viral on social media. He added that there was not much he could do about it, and simply had to soldier one and weather the storm.

In the four minute twelve second track released on on Friday, Emtee seems to bring the storm, as he calls out the keyboard warriors: 

"You be out here on your phone, posting on some kinda sh*t. N**gas is out there just talking and yapping. They hating on us because we do things," he rapped on the song. 

The 'Pearl Thusi' hitmaker also targeted his 'fake friends' who hate to see him shining.

"Where were you in the city we was busy plotting?

"You change the channel when you see me doing my thing... 

"I know you hate to see me shining, 

I know you hate to see me smiling... 

"You was cool when I was ashy now I’m clean, 

"It’s an issue, you just mad coz I’m not trynna pop bands with you, " he rapped.

Soldier on Emtee, soldier on!

Listen to the full track below: