Fentse. Picture: Instagram
Fentse. Picture: Instagram

Fentse says ‘Leaves’ isn’t your typical pop break-up song

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published Mar 27, 2021

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Just a few months after releasing her debut single, “Don't Care (Let Your Eyes Bleed)”, singer and composer Fentse is back with another banger, titled “Leaves”.

The 21-year-old singer maintains her progressive and eclectic sound but adds a bit of funk to go with her rich, dark and poetic song-writing style.

"When I wrote the song I was going through a period where I was resonating with the acceptance that a particular relationship that I was in at that time was slowly and surely beginning to disintegrate or change.

"I was also in a space of indifference of how it would all play out, however, I didn’t want to be the person to make the decision to leave," said Fentse.

The youngster says she doesn’t want to boxed into a specific genre as her sound keeps evolving.

“I would describe my sound as alternative with heavy undertones of R&B. I haven’t really put a stamp or drawn a line of how alternative or how far R&B I’d like to go. I am in the process of allowing my sound to unfold as it does.”

The Joburg-based star says her musical influences are her childhood idols.

“I grew up listening to a lot of Mango Groove, Brenda Fase and believe it or not, Ringo, and of course the likes of Beyoncé and Erykah Badu who further helped harness my sound in so many ways. Right now lyrically I’m in love with Frank Ocean and SZA.

“Sonically and overall composition, I draw a lot of inspiration from Khruangbin, Billie Eilish and Jorja Smith.”

Fetse says she always knew she wanted to be a musician, which she refers to as a calling.

“Music has been embedded in my DNA. I guess from the moment I could speak and move,

“I’ve always known that I would be a vessel for music to flow and communicate through me. It just took me a while to fully allow it but once I fully accepted the calling nothing was the same.”

As the country marks one year since the lockdown was enforced in South Africa, Fentse also reflects on some of the challenges she endured as an artist.

“I think the biggest challenge for me was the fact that the privilege of physically collaborating with other artists to create (music) was taken away for some time and everything was so online/digitally based and the energy isn’t the same when you have to create art over a computer screen, versus in an actual studio you know. We take things like that for granted,” says Fentse.

She further explains: “It’s really made me realise that we don’t have as much control over life as we think we do and that I didn’t want to waste another day not living or fulfilling my purpose. I was done putting music on hold.”

Fentse said she is working her magic on a project that will blow everyone’s minds away.

“Leaves” is available on all major digital music platforms.

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