Durban musician Gavin Ferguson, who began his career as an instrument technician, is ready to release his debut album. Picture: Supplied

Durban musician Gavin Ferguson, who quit his job to pursue a music career, is ready to release his debut album.
Ferguson, who describes himself as a “typical Durban boy”, was born and grew up there.

“I spent most of my days on the playground, I loved being outside, but when I was 16 that changed. I taught myself to play the guitar and started writing my own songs, and music just took over my life,” he said.

Although he was in love with music, Ferguson, who is 37, said that when he had completed school, pursuing a creative profession was not on the cards.

“At the time there were no opportunities to do anything except a technical trade, so I became an instrument technician. I enjoyed it - it paid the bills and I got to travel Africa. But I knew I was never going to be doing that kind of work for the rest of my life,” he said.

After 10 years he left the trade, telling his boss he wanted to pursue music full-time.

“He laughed at me because he thought I was lying. He thought I’d got a better job and was just leaving the company, not the profession.

“When he realised I was really leaving he was very supportive and has even come to a few of my gigs,” he said.

After leaving, Ferguson’s financial situation changed but that did not stop him.

“My mom helped me out at first and her support was amazing. I started doing gigs around Durban, just me and my guitar. My first paying gig was at the Blue Waters Hotel in 2014. I started with covers, I wanted to see how people would react to my voice. As they enjoyed it, I started adding my original songs to my gigs,” he said.

Ferguson currently has three singles out, which have all been played on radio stations like 5FM and Good Hope FM. His first single, Friendzone, is his most popular.

“I released it two years ago but people still ask me to perform it now. It’s a great song, but I feel like I could have written about something else because people always think that I have been put in the ‘friendzone’, which I have.

“I mean, who hasn’t, but no one really wants to be known for that.

“However, because so many people relate to it, it makes me feel a whole lot better,” he said.

Ferguson describes his sound as a mix of genres with a huge house influence, that will get anyone on their feet. “I never stick to one genre, from house to electronic, I have learnt that people enjoy it all so I put it all together,” he said.

Ferguson plans to release his debut album later this year.

“I write a lot about what I have been through and what people can relate to. I have a lot of empathy and this album is about the journey I am on. It’s going to be something you can listen to at any time, on your own or with friends on a road trip through the country,” he said.

Ferguson will also be making an appearance on’s latest drama series, Imbewu - The Seed. He will be playing a journalist and is looking forward to the new challenge.

“I went for an audition and got the role. I can’t say too much though, you will just have to wait and see. But I’m extremely excited!”

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