Fazlyn Naidoo, also known as #FaziCorn, describes herself as a "total beach-baby." PICTURE: MOTSHWARI MOFOKENG

At twelve years old, singer, Fazlyn Naidoo, experienced a golden moment, centre-stage at an audition to be a part of SA’s Got Talent.

In September, SA’s Got Talent judge Shado Twala, was amazed by the tween’s talent and used her Golden Buzzer to fasttrack the singer through to the semi-finals.

Naidoo’s success on the show catapulted her into the spotlight with her audition video being shared on social media and garnering more than 90 000 views on YouTube. Catching up with the young songbird, a grade seven pupil at Hopeville Primary, Naidoo shared her inspirations, passions and where she hopes to fit in as an artist.

After Naidoo’s audition aired, she quickly found herself in the position of a role model to other children. “It makes me feel proud that other children tell me how amazing I am and that they want to be just like me. I have the responsibility of making sure that I behave in positive way. It’s important to be kind, supportive and loving. I am told that my humility is one of my biggest assets,” she said.

The young singer listens to a variety of music genres ranging from rap and hip hop to jazz and Classical. “I don’t like to put myself in a box when it comes to music,” she said. Finding inspiration in the success stories of other artists, Naidoo said that she admires the humble character of English singer-songwriter, Adele, the most, “She is funny, down to earth and always strives to be herself. There are also many incredibly talented people across the globe, when I hear their stories of determination and success; it inspires me to keep pushing towards my goals in life.”

One day she’ll feel like a pop princess and the next, a ballad queen, “It’s very difficult to describe how I’d like to portray myself as an artist because of the variety of music genres that I am attracted to. I am very young and I am hoping to connect to all age groups musically and that is going to be a challenge. I know that as I get older I will find something that will make me feel like this is exactly what I want to be and how I want to be seen.”

Outside of music, Naidoo is your typical pre-teen. “I love drawing, designing, making slime, creating videos on musical.ly (a free social media music app where users can watch user generated lip sync video, and create videos of themselves lip-syncing). These things help me to relax and enjoy some me time. I also love playing silly games with my cousins,” she said.

During the school holidays, she likes to keep busy, and as a true Durbanite, her favourite hangouts are the beach and the mall. “I love the beach and Ushaka Marine World – I am a total water baby. I love ice skating at Galleria Mall. I love going to Gateway for food and clothes.”

Unicorns and good food are at the top of Naidoo’s list of favourite things. “I simply love food. My mum has stopped me from over-indulging. I love pasta, prawns and chicken curry. My uncle Imran makes the best prawn pasta. I’m also very into Top Model design books and unicorns. I collect anything – unicorn – books, clothes, toys etc. #IAmUnicorn #FaziCorn,” she said.

At twelve, Naidoo isn’t allowed to own a cell phone yet, but said she wished kids her age spent less time behind a screen. “Children at my age love their cell phones and technology. They are consumed by social media. I’m not allowed to have a cell phone until I’m older – I don’t know how much older. I wish children could get involved sport, music, arts, crafts and their studies,” she said.

The key to success is a combination of pure talent and hard work. “I started musical training when I was around 8 with the beautiful Melissa Sowman of the Heart of Music.” Naidoo also attends performance classes at DanSing with dance guru Leigh Meyer and music stalwart Shelley Mclean and trains with Nick Wuim, music director of Crawford. “Each of them have added great value to me and my talent. It’s incredible to be under the mentorship of such amazing people. I can only get better with their expertise,” said Naidoo.

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