Gigi Lamayne clarifies why she is leaving hip hop, calls it toxic

Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Instagram

Gigi Lamayne. Picture: Instagram

Published Oct 20, 2021


Local rapper Gigi Lamayne has clarified why she is leaving the South African hip hop scene.

Gigi found herself at the top of the trends list this week after a radio interview in which she said she was quitting hip hop made its rounds on social media.

Following the interview, Gigi posted a video on her Instagram clarifying what she meant.

“A lot of people have been calling me to try and find out what is going on (about me leaving SA hip hop), and I just want to clarify something that I did say in the interview,” she started off by saying.

“I am leaving South African hip hop and its conventional ways of doing things. I will be experimenting with other genres.

“King Monada and I are currently in studio, and I am in studio with a few other people from other genres,” she said.

The “Feelin U” hitmaker said she wanted to expand her horizon.

“I think I have just gotten to a point where I want to expand beyond just being a rapper, and I think I have proven that to you guys.

“’Fufa is one of my biggest songs, and it isn’t even a hip hop song, but did you feel my presence, did you feel my raps, absolutely,” she said.

Gigi also said that she felt the hip hop scene was toxic.

“I feel like the hip hop situation in South Africa, right now, is a little toxic in its own way.

“This is not to say that I am completely detaching from that, but I am definitely going to be in my own lane and doing my own thing and not living by anyone’s rules,” she said.

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