Contrary to the many predictions that Twitterville has made about what genre Idols' contestant Yanga Sobetwa will follow, suggesting that she should follow in the footsteps of Zahara and Amanda Black, the 16-year-old wants to be a gospel singer.

The youngest of the four remaining contestants, who has risen to be a viewers favourite over the weeks, said that as a born-again Christian she wants to bring young people closer to God by using music as her ministry.

“I want to do different styles of gospel music. From pop, jazz, soul, afro-soul and rock if possible,” said the Cape Town-born singer.

“I have a vision and a purpose that God has given me to fulfil. And I think for me to reach it, I should use the route of music to get there.”

Yanga took to stage last week to sing her very first gospel song, a local traditional song "Avulekile Amasango" backed by Soweto Gospel Choir, after weeks of singing many other songs from various artists such as Zahara and even one artist from Somizi, Jennifer Hudson.

Before the competition, Yanga had already been working on a few gospel songs and recording music independently.

“I have been doing covers on the show and I haven’t been doing my type of music. I haven’t been doing my material, so how people will respond will depend on how they receive it. I am just trusting God that people respond the same way.

Of all her performances that she has done, Yanga says her favourite has to be from last week’s second song performance of Sjava’s "Impilo". There she got to address the plight of woman abuse that is so rife in our country, “and I also got to send a message using that song, it was really fulfilling for me,” she added.

Preparing for this week’s show, she is confident that she will do well. “Preparations have been really chilled because I know the song I will be singing.

“One does experience pressure on the show but it also depends on the song I am singing. But I haven’t been that stressed so far. Although there has been one song that got to me but either than that, I have been fine. Mostly I have been trying to enjoy this entire experience as much as I can,” she said.