Pictures: Brigford Photography

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Jimmy Nevis is back with a bang with a new album titled 'Chimera'. 

Released last week, the album showcases the singer like you’ve never heard him before.

'Chimera' in Greek mythology means a fire-breathing creature with the head of a lion. Which has the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent.


Nevis said that creating this album was a huge emotional process for him.

“I would arrive at the studio and I would have so much going on inside that I wouldn’t know how exactly to process it.”

Nevis experimented with more than 40 songs before deciding which songs would make the final cut in the album that took him over two years to complete. Released last Friday, it’s available on all major digital platforms such as iTunes. The 17-track album goes deep into the artist’s distinctly diverse personal facets, as well as his eclectic musical proclivities.

“Many of the tracks were really momentary works of art, songs such as Paper and Good Timing... these tracks contain improvised freestyling and that was very different for me because I’m not that type of person.”

He describes the album as very freestyle and at times his mantra was “let’s just do it because it feels right”.

This is Nevis’s third studio album.

It has been a successful journey for the singing sensation, last year he released his single Don’t Wanna Fight where he fiercely took on the ideologies behind certain aspects of society. Late last year, he also launched his much-anticipated clothing line, York Yard.

“It was so cool being a designer and it was a very rewarding experience for me. I enjoy doing new things and learning new things from people in the industry.”

Nevis has been dominating the local charts since 2012 with his hit single Elephant Shoes. He has garnered huge support from across the country and has become a much-loved household name.

He made his benchmark with other singles such as Heartboxing, All About It and 7764.

“I think the reason why people have supported me over the years is that they support realness in general and I strive on making people happy.”

Nevis was born and raised in Athlone and brought up in a strict Christian household. His family is extremely overwhelmed with the release of the album, he said.

“My parents have become very good at separating between their son from what I do because it’s such a public thing.

“My parents have gotten a lot of scrutiny in the past, especially with my father being a pastor, as some people in the church did not agree with my singing career I am unashamed of it because I just live my life.”

Nevis will be hosting a series of acoustic sessions at Shimmy Beach Club.