Joe Nina. Picture: Instagram

Legendary musician Joe Nina is flying solo after parting ways with Gallo Music. The artist says his decision to walk away from the stable stems from his feeling of being neglected and having his talent questioned.

“I just recently asked for my clearance because I just couldn’t stand it anymore. After such a big performance with preparations for the South African Music Awards (SAMAs), they still have the guts to ask me if I am still relevant? When we had a standing ovation now in July at the SAMAs in Sun City.

“When I realised that the guys are saying my project is not relevant and the marketing is not going as well as I would like it to go, I then realised the relationship had gone sour. I asked them to give me my clearance and let me get out. Which is why I am back on my own.”

Nina, who released his newest album under the stable titled "Time II Time," feels that the company could not balance their efforts on new artists and the old ones they have.

“All these things I’m mentioning are the frustrations of every artist, especially my generation. That’s the frustration - the fact that one is not being taken into consideration or booked for events anymore... That even if there’s a collaboration, one is not considered. People don’t see that age comes with experience as well. There’s so much we can impart.

“I want to go (be) spectacular; I want a spectacular DVD production and when all of that is from your pocket without any funds, it becomes heavy.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, artists don't share the same vision with record labels. For them (record labels), it’s about the quick cash but for me, music is about longevity.”

His project is being recorded under the Killa Joe Records, which he owns independently.  “Even if my songs can take a few months to pick up again, I know that once they do, it’ll be forever. And that’s where we differ,” he added.