Kelly Khumalo. Picture: Instragram

Kelly Khumalo teased behind-the-scenes footage for her "Dance Comigo" on Thursday, and while many were feeling the flames, others felt the need to body shame the singer.

In the snippets shared on Thursday, Khumalo and Chad can be seen getting up close and personal, and there's even a video of two the pair locking lips.

The video had more than 50 000 views by Friday morning, but some of the comments were not constructive.

On Friday morning, Khumalo shared another video, calling out her critics. Using her best Transylvanian vampire accent, Khumalo said: "Good morning, sorry I haven't been speaking to you for [a] very long time. I've been very busy.

She then addressed the video teasers she shared on her Instagram page, saying: "So yesterday I shooting video of "Dance Camigo". You know, people had many, many things to say. Some say 'Hey, Kelly — we liking song, I appreciating', some saying 'hey hey Kelly's showing cellulite... (sic)'"

Kelly the set the record straight on whose cellulite it was by putting her critics on blast.

"The cellulite is mine, I don't be borrowing it from you, and I liking my cellulite (sic)" she said.

She called out trolls warning Chad to stay away from her "because going to die".

Khumalo finished her video off with: "Let me start by saying this, voetsek .... And number two, if you say I'm as powerful as you say I am, I'll watch what I say about me."