L-Tido. Picture: Supplied.

On Wednesday, L-Tido announced that he’d signed to Universal Music a decade after being an independent artist. 

We asked the Dr Khumalo of rap to break down the album title and he told us: “The name of the album is 16. I feel that number has been very vital and pivotal to the person I am. All my dreams happened with a 16. All my dreams began with me writing 16 bars.”

“And I became the person I am - I know I don’t look like a soccer player but I was the baddest soccer player ever. They used to refer to me as 16V, way back, in the hood. The number 16 has been important in my life and that’s why I named the album 16.”

He continued: “The album is very introspective and I talk about everything. I feel this is the most personal album that I’ve done. As you can hear in the first single, I didn’t go for an immediate club banger. I wanted people to hear my story. I want to connect with people. I feel, after 10 years, I have to tell people a story rather than just give people music they can bump in the club. I do have the club bangers - don’t get me f***ed up - but I feel like I had to tell my story and let people hear where I am coming from.”