Dave Reynolds, Pops Mohamed and Schalk Joubert on stage. Picture: Barbara Spaanderman
Cape Town - South's African music icon and internationally acclaimed Pops Mohamed, school accompanied by Dave Reynolds on steel drums, guitars, a host of percussion instruments and Schalk Joubert on base, played at the Franschhoek Literary Festival last night. 

They should have played to a packed house, but because of a compete glitch in the booking system, the flawless concert was a bespoke experience for a handful of concert-goers.
Pops Mohamed with his famous Kora. Picture: Barbara Spaanderman
One distraught patron explained that she had tried booking no less than four times only to be told by the booking system: Sold out  Mohamed began the set on a thumb piano, then continued on his beloved Kora, a kind of harp made out of a large calabash. 

Dave Reynolds in high spirits. Picture: Barbara Spaanderman
Dave Reynolds explored the steel drums with a delicacy to match the kora, played the twelve string and six string guitar. Schalk Joubert showed his virtuosity on the electric base and entertained with a song in Shona. 
Schalk Joubert on bass. Picture: Barbara Spaanderman
A superb concert indeed!