AKA. Picture: Instagram

After AKA tweeted about some strange findings in his home on Thursday, deciding whether to write anything else about him has got me between a, er, rock and a hard place. Sorry, I had to do it. Ha.

In all seriousness though, let us know when you have Bonang and AKA fatigue. 

Thankfully, by the sound of things, Touch My Blood - the album AKA is set to release this month — doesn’t seem like it’s solely about romantic relationships.

If Amen featuring L-Tido is anything to go by, there is a little bit of introspection. On the heavily autotuned song, AKA looks back at his career and gives advice to young men to listen if they want to achieve all he has.


But the song that’s got everyone talking is Beyonce - which, like Amen, also dropped on Friday. Nope, it’s not anything the Beyhive should be concerned about but it might get the B* Force up in arms. 

Case in point? “When I left my babymama, I thought you would be my soul mate,” raps AKA.

What do you think? Is Beyonce AKA’s break-up song? Listen below: