Majozi. Picture: Supplied

Indie-pop star Majozi  has released his new single "Arrest My Love". 

Known for hits like Fire and most recently "Waiting", Majozi has climbed into the hearts of his fans with his storytelling through music. 

He artfully portrays his perspective on the world around him and draws inspiration from his faith and the world around him.

Arrest My Love is off his album, "Majozi". It was written two years ago and was inspired by Isaiah 42 verse 2, a Bible scripture he says he has always loved. He loved the message behind the scripture and wanted to build his own love story around it.  

“The Bible is filled with scriptures that can be songs and I have always loved this particular scripture because of what it says about love so I decided to interpret it as I saw it and put my interpretation into a song,” he said.

He said the single is about someone who is enamoured and enthralled with the person they love and that they will do anything for that person because that’s how strongly they feel about them
An offering for young and old that features his signature sing-along lines and catchy hooks, "Arrest My Love" is a pop-electro song with influences of Daft Punk. 

“I wanted this song to emulate "I Feel it Coming" by The Weeknd and Daft Punk. I wanted that feel-good feeling and something that was very laid back, something that shows where I am in my life at the moment. I am at a very laid back-stage where things that I did not appreciate when I was younger I appreciate now and I am a lot more settled,” he said. 

“Whether you have felt the kind of love described in the song, or you desire that kind of love, I believe everyone can sing the words like they mean it.”