Skwatta Kamp's Cover for the single 'There You Go'. Picture: Instagram.

Legendary hip hop group Skwatta Kamp released their new single 'There You Go' on Friday, in honour of their fallen bandmate Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi.

Flabba was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend on 9 March 2015. He was 37 years old. 

Music website Slikour On Life posted that the release of the song is an emotional, momentous moment for Skwatta Kamp fans, and that the song will "leave you with a throbbing heart, a rapidly closing throat, and tears in your eyes as you listen to the crew bleed their truths into song for the first time since Flabba's passing". 

'There You Go' shows the vulnerability and emotions that each member of the group were dealing with at the time of Flabba's passing, while maintaining Skwatta Kamp's signature style.

The last time the hip-hop group released music was in 2009, when they released, 'Bak on Kampus'. 

The single has been well received on social media, with many paying tribute to Flabba on the third anniversary of his death:

'There You Go' is available for download through iTunes.