Local rock band Oooth raises awareness for farm killings and GBV

Jason Oosthuizen. Picture: Supplied

Jason Oosthuizen. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 27, 2020


Local rock band Oooth is gearing up for the release of their most anticipated upcoming album titled “Who Cares What You Think - Acoustic”.

The ten-track album is set to drop on September 11, with the official launch scheduled for September 12.

In a conversation with Oooth frontman, renowned drummer and musician Jason Oosthuizen says he’s excited about the new body of work.

The album touches on some of the burning issues in South Africa, among others racism, corruption and depression.

Oosthuizen and his band are “play it forward,” dedicating the album launch raising awareness for farm killings and gender-based violence in the country.

While the world is battling the invisible coronavirus, South Africa is forced to deal with another pandemic, crime, resulting in the spike in farm killings and violence against women and children.

Elaborating on the album launch, Oosthuizen said: “The album itself does not cover these issues, but rather I chose to incorporate the raising of awareness into the launch event."

He continued: “I am just really over the fact of constantly seeing all the sad news on these two issues and seeing very few celebs standing up. But if we all stand together anything is achievable.

“Let’s unite as a country to speak up for the victims, keep farmers, farmworkers and our women and children safe.”

Oooth recently released their first official single titled “Grateful,” giving fans a taste of their upcoming sophomore album.

On what he’s hoping to achieve with this album, Oosthuizen says: “I would like to try to connect with people and help them deal with their problems through my music.”

Quizzed about his favourite track on the album, he said: “No Race - The song is about growing up not knowing I was living in a privilege of being white and later finding out that I would be paying the price for being a certain skin colour amongst many other messed up things happening due to racial issues.

“I think the chorus line projects how I feel "No race, no colour. Who you gonna fight with now that there is only each other."

“Personally I think that I am really over racism in all shapes and forms.”

“The highlights would be I had more time to write as we are not constantly on the road touring or playing at gigs.

“Lowlights - I would have loved to release this album at an actual venue, live in front of people, but even with the regulations being eased, musicians and venues are not close to being back to normal yet.”

While we’re still, on the subject on the global pandemic, the muso says the coronavirus taught him to always “look ahead, stay positive and take the time to focus on things you don't always get time for”.

“Also do not give up, sooner or later, things will get better,” says Oosthuizen.

The muso says he’s excited about the upcoming album and he cannot wait to share it with his fans.

“Who Cares What You Think - Acoustic’ is currently available for pre-order on major streaming platforms.

The album will officially be released on Friday, September 11.

Catch the album launch on Saturday, September 12, at 7pm live on Facebook and YouTube channel.

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