The Kwaito hit maker dropped nuggets of wisdom telling Tweeps what the real reason behind musos dying broke really is. Photo: Supplied
The "Resista" hitmaker weighed in on a subject that has been a contentious one for a minute. It's something that many have probably pondered about at some point: why some of our favourite lyricists and vocalists die broke. 

In a series of Tweets Thokozani Ndlovu, popularly known as L'Vovo, told tweeps to remember this thread of his, every time they want to take on a muso about dying broke, they should remember this thread.

With that tweet, the class was in session. L'Vovo started off by schooling tweeps about just how much an artist gets out of an album. Which, we discovered while reading his tweets that it was not much if you really think about it.

The way L'Vovo was so serious he included graphics, which quite honestly made it easier to grasp the information. He also took the time to call out record labels about being about what he said was dishonesty "disguised" as "building the artists".

He also added that part of the problem was the lack of support of the media, airplay of the music which also translates to financial gains for the artists. Ndlovu also lamented that instead of supporting local, the support was given to international artists rather.

After receiving that priceless education, our next thought is, how do we as consumers get involved to solve the problem? 

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