Majozi's second album leans more towards pop with an old school 80s and 90s influence. Picture: Instagram

Singer-songwriter, Majozi has upped the ante with his recently released self-titled album. Unlike his previous offerings, the sound in this album leans more towards pop with an old school 80s and 90s influence.

“The general vibe of it is also more energetic and dancy than my previous offers. I wanted people to be able to be moved physically as well as emotionally. Some of the themes that string the album together are faith, love, memories and failures,” said Majozi.

Out for just about a month now, the album is doing great.

“My music always grows slow and steady. I’ve learnt to be patient and present during the process, but every day it grows so I’m happy with that. I think there was some worry from my team about how people would respond to the new direction, but I was pretty confident in the songs and in our rollout,” Majozi said.

Majozi’s inspiration for the album was firmly cemented by his personal experiences and belief and he says most of the tracks related to his personal life.

“A lot of my music is therapeutic for me. It’s the way I process and make sense of a lot of things. I still use some poetic license, but underneath the smoke and mirrors there are a few personal experiences and beliefs. In most of the songs, you'll hear a continued theme of my faith and how I handle life with that in mind. The other big theme is also love. I'm older now, which means more experience in that realm. A lot of failures but also many great memories,” he said.

One of the major challenges he had with this album, was convincing people about the new direction.

“My previous album was indie folk, and sonically the albums do sound different, but the messages and themes are still the same. We didn't want to bombard people with a whole new direction straight away, so we released " Waiting' and "Darling part 2" as a bridge between the two sounds to get people used to the new direction,” he said.

While there are many great tracks on the album, Majozi says one specifically stands out for him. "Lean of my Soul" features the Soweto Gospel Choir.

“‘Lean of My Soul’ is always constantly up there for me. It is pretty much a dream come true. They've been on my bucket list of artists for a while now, and I'm still amazed that I have them on my album. They really took my song to the next level, and I'm so grateful to them for giving me they're time and talent,” he said.

Majozi really believes that this album is his best offering to date - something that’s bigger and bolder than what he’s ever done before, but it also still has the elements that people previously loved.

“You can dance, cry, laugh and sing along to these songs, and hopefully find a song that relates to your own personal life experience. A massive thanks to everyone that has the album already. I appreciate all the support,” said Majozi.