Majozi. Picture: Supplied
Majozi. Picture: Supplied

Majozi’s musical journey

By Masego Panyane Time of article published Jul 8, 2019

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Since bursting onto the music scene Nhlanhla Majozi has let his genuine love for music, and his faith carry him through.

Two albums in, I caught up with Majozi as he’s popularly known, to find out about the journey of his self-titled album and he’s upcoming Barnyard Theatres tour.

How did you create your identity as a musician?

Majozi is my surname. I never really created an identity as a musician. What you get is what you see. I’ve always just tried to be myself on and off the stage. I’m just a normal guy trying to figure life out.

Who or what are your overall musical inspirations?

Lately I’ve been loving music that pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo of how things are done eg.

Chance the Rapper, Jacob Collier, Kanye West. I also really enjoy story tellers like Lumineers, and King of Leon. Anything that gets me asking “why is this music special?” is inspiring to me.

What has been the primary difference between the Majozi that made Fire and the Majozi that made Majozi (your sophomore album)?

I’ve gained a lot more experience since then. Not just in the industry but also in life. I’ve had so many awesome opportunities and have learnt so much from them. I made my fair share of mistakes, but I guess that’s how we learn.

I believed in my creative process more since the first album. I never want to be content where I am, but I always want to push myself further and further with each project.

Why are live music events important in this day and age?

Live events are important because you actually get to connect with the people that buy and support your music. Seeing how people react to your music live is really special. It’s also where musicians make most of their money nowadays. So I’m always grateful to be playing in front of people.

And what can people expect during your upcoming Barnyard tour?

Wow, I’m really excited for my first Barnyard Tour. We are going to put on a memorable and intimate show. I love playing at barnyards and inter-acting with the crowd.


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