Sho Madjozi. Picture: YouTube thumbnail
Local artist Sho Madjozi visited the Colours Studios and performed a previously unreleased track "John Cena". 

The "Huku" star had been teasing her appearance on the YouTube channel and the video was released on Thursday. 

"John Cena" quickly rose on the Twitter trending list and, to the surprise of Madjozi, Missy Elliott watched the video and replied: "Supa" with a flame emoji. 

Mzansi also showed their support for the rapper. But, due to the majority of the song being rapped in Swahili, they were left wondering what the song was about.

  @ShoMadjozi yass Queen!!!!! #ColorsxShoMadjozi "John Cena" is another tongue twister, I already know I'm making up my own lyrics 😂

Watch the full video below: