Musa. Picture: Instagram

Musa Sukwene has officially dropped his third studio album, titled "Musa." The album features some of the industry giants, ntate Tsepo Tshola and Khanyo.

The "Mthande'" hitmaker says he is proud of this body of work and unlike his previous two albums, he produced the entire album himself.
Musa says he needed to find himself following Robbie’s passing.

“I had to find myself because so many people were asking, 'Robbie is gone, what's going to happen to Musa?'

"I had to find myself in that whole space of how does Musa recreate music from now ... I was always dependent, I would walk into the studio and things would be set out for me. I would walk in a just write a verse or write a chorus. I never had to go through the whole process of starting a song, so this album taught me so much."

Musa says he is “so in love” with the album, he couldn’t even give it a title.

“I had to call it me (Musa). It (the album) showcases so much of what’s in my mind and how I view music.”

Musa also pays tribute to Bra Hugh with his own rendition of the late trumpeter’s song "Tonight" which features Khanyi.

The 'IdolsSA winner' also worked with Ntsika of the a cappella group The Soil on the single "Ngivumele," which Musa reckons it will be banger.

The album is indeed a blend of all things creative and authentic.

Musa also collaborated with poets: Sbo the poet, Mam' Buthelezi and Puno and they all tackle different subjects including, South African music and black girls.

Musa also did a collabo with Tsepo Tshola, a song titled 'Bophelo' (life), "this track was written by Dr. Tumi because I don't write Gospel," chuckles Musa."

Here a sneak peek of what went down at the official launch held at Yamaha Studio, in Sandton on Thursday night: