Jeremy Loops. Picture: Instagram

Jeremy Loops has had a great year. Not only has he been spending most of his time touring overseas, he’s also got a great new album to promote. The album is called "Critical As Water" and the Capetonian has chuckled at assumptions that it’s about the Mother City’s water crisis.

One of the ways Jeremy is promoting "Critical As Water" is through giving fans very interesting music videos. A case in point is the video for "Gold," which he released last week. It’s an anthemic song that makes you want to stomp your feet and chant along with him.

The video sees a couple wake up at the crack of dawn as the man prepares to head out to do his job: look for gold. His job gets tougher each day because his space begins to get crowded. And while he finds many tchotchkes, he’s really looking for one thing.

Without giving away too much of the story, Jeremy says: "Gold is first and foremost a love song, but more than that it’s about finding meaning and purpose you’ve previously struggled to attain. It’s really a song of hope that if you continue to work at that which your heart desires with an honest and open attitude, one day eventually those desires will be realised.”