MANU WorldStar. Picture: Supplied
MANU WorldStar. Picture: Supplied

'Nalingi' hitmaker Manu WorldStar talks 'Future' plans

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Mar 13, 2019

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Manu WorldStar popped up on our radar in 2017 after releasing his first single, "Yewen". He then gave us "#Shades" and before we knew it, the rising hip-hop star gave us one of the biggest Afro-fusion songs of 2018, "Nalingi".

The song didn’t just make it onto radio stations in South Africa, the catchy “Nalingi yooo mama mama” lyrics were heard across the world. The song earned its No 1 spot on more than 10 stations, including the YFM Bomb Chart, Madibaz Radio Hip Hop Chart, 5FM Pop Chart and BBC1Xtra’s DNA Top 5 chart in the UK. It went on to reach 1 million streams worldwide.

Commenting on the success of "Nalingi", he said: “I feel very blessed. Not everyone gets to start on such a high note. I’d like to thank my team.

“God has played a major role in this and I can only be grateful. From the moment I heard the beat for "Nalingi", I knew this song was going to change my life.”

He said the song became a success because it is relatable. “You think it’s such a huge song because it feels like home, anywhere you are. The content is relatable.

“And the way I packaged the content is even more relatable, that’s why the song became a hit. It has no boundaries. I got major support from the UK for that song - it’s just a song for everybody.”

Manu WorldStar now has a new single out, "Future Plan": “I’m working harder and I’m pushing myself a bit more. I’m holding myself more accountable and taking bigger risks, and the rewards have been fulfilling.

“I feel like I am growing, and while doing so I have been creating. Music, visuals and just content in general. I’m at a point where I feel it’s time to release more and give people more,” he said.

WorldStar said he started working on "Future Plan" as soon as he released "Nalingi" and described the single as the second chapter of his story.

“It’s very sincere and more confirming of my intentions. I know just what I want and I’m going after it. It’s actually very clear when I think about it. It’s more than a vibe. It’s my hopes and dreams, and God’s plans coming together to make something beautiful.”

When we first heard Manu WorldStar his sound leaned towards hip hop, which was influenced by his upbringing, but as he released more music his sound changed.

“I describe what I’m making right now as Afrofusion. The main line is Afro, but I add different elements and sounds that make it easily consumed around the continent and the world.

“I’m a very versatile artist and I can only be grateful for that. It means I can tap into different avenues to give people music that best expresses my talent,” he said.

"Future Plan" is available on all music platforms.


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