Nasty C. Picture: Supplied

When Nasty C headlined the Capsule Festival alongside American rapper, A$ap Ferg last month it was the first time I’d seen him perform live in a while.

In front of the expectant jam packed crowd, he put together an exceptional show, complete with a crew of dancers performing a well-choreographed routine. It was the first time I'd seen Nasty perform with such imagination.

“It’s not something that I do with every performance, I usually do it when people really expect to see something different and where I have to put on a full show - either when I’m headlining, or co-headlining.”

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He says it’s been challenging keeping his live show fresh, but it's a challenge he's tackled headfirst in a good way. His desire each time he gets on stage is to impress. Over and above his performances, he stays in shape by doing push ups every morning.

Tonight, Nasty C will be performing at the Durban leg of the Migos SA tour, before heading up to Joburg for the final performance at the Ticketpro Dome.

Nasty C. Picture: Supplied

He’s a fan of the trio (his favourite song on their recent platinum-selling album is Get Right Witcha). “I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be good to perform to so many people again. It’s not like we do every weekend, so we don’t always get an opportunity like this.”

Nasty C is also currently doing his own personal tour, entitled Ivyson Tour. On the 9th of December he’ll be taking the tour to Durban, which he says he’s very excited about. Judging solely on the videos I’ve seen of the tour so, it looks like a crazy, wild vibe.

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Right now, Nasty C’s working on some new music and trying to bounce back from the highly publicized incident that saw all his laptop and storage devices with all his music get stolen. “If I find something worth putting out like a single, then I will, he says. "I think I’ve already found actually, I’m just reworking it.”

Nasty C: Picture: Supplied

The award winning rapper, songwriter and producer recently announced the Nasty C X Redbat Collabo. 

This exclusive range will be launched at the Canal Walk store on the 26th October and will be available in the rest of the country from Friday 27th October.

With a 32-meter sneaker wall, the Canal Walk Shopping Mall outlet is set to claim the title of the biggest sneaker outlet in Africa.

“Redbat is something I’ve been wearing since I was a kid. You know eKasi that’s the only thing you wear that looks fresh and within our budget. I’ve figured since most of my fans are young and it’s not really people that can go buy expensive clothes, I should make it fair and put it in a store that they always see in every single mall. Sportscene is very common. You can access it quickly and it’s super fresh, comfortable, clean.”