Nathi Mankayi. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

The triple-platinum selling artist Nathi Mankayi signed a deal with recording giants, Gallo Record Company at the official press junket held at Gallo Records Studios in Parktown, Johannesburg, on Friday.

Mankayi also dropped his latest single Qeqe ( Mathandweni) on the radio and all digital platforms.

Qeqe which debuted on radio stations on June 1, is already making waves on different stations across the country.

The singer who hails from the Eastern Cape burst onto the music scene in 2015, and immediately became a household name following the success of smash hit, Nomvula from his debut album, Buyelekhaya.

Nathi Mankayi. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

Chatting to Mankayi earlier, the Nomvula hitmaker said he deems the Gallo deal as a fresh start.

“This is the beginning of new things, it's a new journey for me as a singer and songwriter. I feel honoured and excited about this new partnership with Gallo" he said.

Nathi Mankayi. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

Commenting on the partnership, Gallo Record Company's Caroline Morabe said, "Nathi is authentic and real as a creator, be it composing or performing. We are honoured to work with such great artsist and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Nathi".

Asked about the song the inspiration behind Qeqe, Mankayi said "The song is inspired by love".

From the first album, it was all about love? Why love?

"I want to reunite/reconcile broken families. If I were a preacher, I would preach about God because God is love - my music is my ministry and I’m spreading the message of love and unity.

Being know for his smash hits, Qeqe is already making waves and it’s bound to be a hit too, when can the fans expect an album?

"When the time is right... Nathi is going to studio next week, and by then, the album will be ready," interjected China Mpololo, Mankayi's manager.

"There’s an opportunity that we’re waiting for. As much as Qeqe is creating havoc in the country, it was not the preferred single. Every song on the album has the potential to be a single," Mpololo added.

Nathi Mankayi and his manger China Mpololo. Picture: Dimpho Maja/ANA

Though the release date for the album is yet to be announced, Mankayi insist that the theme of the album is not solely about love.

"This album is not just about love, it has different themes including love hence it’s called Iphupho Labantu, People's Dreams." I will also be revealing a lot of things that are happening in our society on this album.