Nic Billington on catching Britney Spears’ eye via social media and his new single

Nic Billington. Picture: Supplied

Nic Billington. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 16, 2021


NIC Billington’s musical aptitude cut across borders thanks to the reach of social media.

He says it was his ingenious plan of creating covers and broadcasting them on YouTube that won him a large online following.

And it wasn't long before the Durban-born star’s talent gained serious traction… it grabbed the attention of pop icon Britney Spears, who featured one of Nic’s covers on her official website in 2008.

“I’ve been a Britney Spears fan since the beginning of her career so when I discovered that my YouTube cover had made its way on to her official website, I totally freaked out.

“When my video got featured, I was inundated with messages and opportunities to further my music career – and that is how I was discovered,” Billington shared.

His latest body of work includes the visuals of his chart-topping single You Get Me High, which sees him venture into a “mysterious space” by shining the spotlight on some of the personal struggles the young muso encountered over the years.

“I’m extremely proud of the visuals for ’You Get Me High’.

“I shot and produced it, as I do for all my music videos, and I feel like it’s one of my best so far,” he said.

He added: “I really wanted to include a few unsettling moments throughout the video to create some suspense.

These scenes depict the dangers that come with falling in love.

“I also got to work with a tarantula and a snake – which really added to the edgy vibe that I was going for.

“You Get Me High” hit the number one spot on 5FM and has been on the station’s indie charts for three months.

Shedding the light on the inspiration behind the song, the singer said: “’You Get Me High’ speaks about taking chances with new relationships, despite getting hurt in the past.

“I really wanted to take a different direction with the new sound and create something that best reflects me at this stage of my life.

“The sound is edgy and effortless, with strong retro undertones.”

His musical influences include Labrinth, The Weeknd and Billie Eilish.

The 37-year-old singer has done features with the likes of Jae, Valeska Muller, Armand Joubert and Jen Su.

He describes his sound as “edgy, hypnotic and effortless with dreamy synths that evoke the 80s era".

As his music continues to make waves on international platforms, Billington says it’s crucial for musicians to have their presence felt online.

Nic Billington. Picture: Supplied

“It is extremely important to have a strong online presence in this day and age. It’s the best way to get your music heard from all around the world – especially if you’re an independent artist that doesn’t receive the financial backing from a major label,” he said.

Billington released his debut album “Overload” in 2013. The project took over two years to complete.

“The album is pure pop and something I will always be proud of,” the muso revealed.

Over the years Billington has been releasing EPs and singles, music which he says documents his personal journey as a musician.

“I get inspired by expressing my own experiences, thoughts and struggles in music. There’s nothing more thrilling when something that you’ve created inspires or resonates with someone,” he added.

“You Get Me High” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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