Nomcebo Zikode reveals ownership drama over ‘Jerusalema’ has intensified

Nomcebo Zikode. Picture: Instagram

Nomcebo Zikode. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 6, 2022


Nomcebo Zikode has revealed that the ownership battle between her and Master KG over the hit single “Jerusalema” is far from over.

“Jerusalema“ was recently certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America certification (RIAA).

Taking to social media over the weekend, Zikode insisted that even though “Jerusalema” continues to enjoy global recognition, she is still not rightfully acknowledged as the writer of the song that has been labelled the international anthem.

“I wrote and performed “Jerusalema” in my language isiZulu,” shared the star.

“The success it has had has been recognised around the world and today it is the highest-earning song in South Africa earning Gold Status @riaa_awards.”

She continued: “My story is far from over. I’ve lived an amazing life with great people who have helped me throughout my ups and downs. Despite the fact that some people have attempted to dim my light and downplay my work and achievement.

“I am proud of myself and I know that my voice will forever be synonymous with this great accomplishment. Thank you God & thank you to all my supporters. Kazi iyozala nkomoni (I wonder what the outcome will be) 🤔”

In July last year, Zikode issued a statement alleging that she had not been paid the royalties due to her for her work on the song.

“I have not been paid a cent by the label for 'Jerusalema', despite the song's global success," said the star.

“I have been ridiculed with efforts to marginalise my contribution … I, as a female artist, can't stay silent on this anymore. The matter is now with my lawyers."

Master KG responded on Twitter: “Can you confirm if you Not yet Received R1.5 Million So far From Jerusalema???

“And before I Explain many things You Guys Haven't Paid Me For 'Xola Moya Wami" Till date...But you Received money so far From Jerusalema.”

In November, producer Charmza The DJ served Master KG with a letter of demand over copyright ownership of “Jerusalema”.

Charmza The DJ claims the original melody of the composition, beats and the arrangement of the song and vocals were all his original work.

The letter of demand alleges that, in August 2019, Charmza The DJ was invited by Master KG to work with him and Zikode in the studio, in Midrand.

During that studio session Charmza's legal reps, Adams & Adams, claim that he “originated, authored, composed and produced the original musical composition” that would go on to be released as "Jerusalema".

The letter of demand goes on to cite the Copyright Act to support their claim that their client is entitled to relief in the form of, among other things, damages.

Internationally-celebrated songstress Zikode is currently on a world tour in Denmark.